Under family control since the very beginning, Al Frash – The Butterfly has retained its original vigour and vision to deliver fabulous, authentic BALTI dishes to the growing numbers of diners wanting a healthy, flavoursome and invigorating cuisine.

Since 2001, the direction of the restaurant has been under the control of Mo Ahmed, an individual whose passion for the Balti cuisine has been unwavering. From arranging BALTI BREAKs demos for adults to having school taster sessions for children, we are keen to promote this lighter, healthier, simpler and tastier food!

Through contributions to various media (print media including the BBC Olive Magazine, The Restaurant Magazine, “Masala”, NEC ExpoGuide & Wikipedia) as well as TV (Channel4, Sky, BBC) the pressing need has been to provide information about this healthy alternative to the traditional ‘curry’. The light and healthier nature of the cuisine has always been a point of surprise to many people as well as dispelling the myths of far flung lands (such as Baltistan!) where Balti cuisine was supposed to have originated from.

Importantly, the origins of BALTI are from right here in Birmingham! The techniques of BALTI cuisine have been retained over the years --- the preparatory and serving style of the cuisine in particular remains true and alive right here in the heart of the “The Balti Triangle”. Sadly, not all BALTI restaurants remain true to the founding ideals, with Birmingham City Council recently confirming that there are now only 4 restaurants that still prepare and serve BALTI cuisine as it should be!

As a new generation starts loving BALTI food, we are keen to provide an identity and so have helped develop the "Balti Triangle logo" to further compliment the zeal for the cuisine and for its continued evolution.

We hope you will agree with those who also think Al Frash – The Butterfly is one of the leading BALTI pioneers by providing fantastic recognition and testimonies from across the food reviewing world, including Charles Campion, Jan Moir and many others. More information is available via the website.

The vision for Al Frash is simple - to strive in continuing to deliver the very best of Britains Balti experience, served freshly to you.

We are always keen to hear from you about your experiences of Al Frash. All correspondence will be replied to. We can be contacted via the contact page - Please mark your email for my attention.


Mo Ahmed