You can be rest assured that our Front of House staff are there to make your experience at Al Frash in Birmingham a truly fantastic one.

We pride ourselves in delivering good Customer Service, as well as delivering tantalizing food, prepared with freshly sourced local ingredients and the very best spices from around the world.

Our Front of House Team are very well versed with the varied offerings that make up BALTI Cuisine and can provide you with suggestions and recommendations to make your BALTI a perfect harmony of taste, aroma and flavour!!!

Not up to [Balti] speed? Don’t worry!

Whether you’re a BALTI novice or a connoisseur who just wants to try something different, our front staff will be able to tailor, tweek and adjust the ingredients to ensure you get your perfect BALTI. Even if you receive your dish and its not perfect, let us know and we will happily take it back to the kitchen to get it just right!