Kids at Al Afrash Restaurant

We welcome all BALTI Fans, and especially cater for those who have delicate pallets and soft tums!

Providing high chairs for our youngest BALTI critics, Al Frash's team can provide healthy dishes serving nil spice. Please discuss your requirements with our Waitors and our chefs will serve up something special which won't challenge any little tums! (small portions available for some dishes, please ask)

And something for our BALTI sceptics and novices...

We also serve some of the most popular traditional dishes such as chicken'n'chips and other favourites including chips, omelettes and BBQ chicken amongst the offerings for those who aren't quite ready for the spice-dip yet! Please check our on-line menu for further details.

Remember, it is surprising how far BALTI cuisine can be adapted to serve all tastes - sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, fiery, bland or a limitless combination! - please do not hesitate to ask our waiters for creating that something unique for you.

We welcome all comments (good or bad) so please provide comments via by post to Al Frash, 186 Ladypool Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B12 8JS or via the Questionnaire available within the restaurant. There is also the independent sites such as TRIPADVISOR

We look forward to welcoming you to Britains' Best Balti Experience!

The Al Frash Team